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Tenants and Users of Winter Haven Airport, KGIF

This web site is dedicated to the the Tenants and Users of Winter Haven Airport, KGIF.

Taxiway B3 & C3 will be closed till approximately the end of November. Taxiway C and Taxiway B will remain open.  This work is to facilitate the new taxiway construction process. Please check NOTAMS.

The NO-WIND Runway at KGIF is Runway 5.

The Aeronautical Information Manual section 4-1-9(g)(1) states:

Pilots stating traffic in the area, "please advise" is not a recognized self-announce position and/or intention phrase and should not be used under any condition.

If we all follow the recommended AIM procedures, that is - when inbound call 10 miles out, entering downwind, turning base, turning final and clear of the runway - there is plenty of opportunity to know who is in the pattern. Of course, there can always be no-radio traffic and a plane on the wrong frequency, so let's all use the recommended procedures but still keep a sharp watch for traffic. If someone has a better idea, get it into the AIM and we will all use it.

FAR 91.126 and 91.127 state in part:

(b) Direction of turns. When approaching to land at an airport without an operating control tower in Class G airspace--
(1) Each pilot of an airplane must make all turns of that airplane to the left unless the airport displays approved light signals or visual markings indicating that turns should be made to the right, in which case the pilot must make all turns to the right; and
[(2) Each pilot of a helicopter or a powered parachute must avoid the flow of fixed-wing aircraft.]

Although a straight-in approach to a non towered airport is legal under the FARs, the straight-in approach must be started some considerable (but undefined) distance from the runway and the traffic pattern, and it must not interfere with aircraft in the traffic pattern or on an instrument approach.

From the Winter Haven Pilots Association...

Wednesday and Saturday Events and Fly Out ( Thanksgiving Holiday)

 Hi All,

 * Wednesday, 11/22, small group in coffee room may decide on fly out.

 One event scheduled for Saturday:

 * EAA 180 Fly In Cookout at Manatee Airport (48X) in Palmetto, West Coast. 11:00-2:00.

 Ron Ferraiuolo,
 Winter Haven Pilots Association

WHPA Contact Ron at ronferr@tampabay.rr.com.
Be sure to check out the WHPA Newsletter on the News and Views page.

Click Here for information about joining the WHPA.

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GCO - 4 slow mike clicks - 121.725 mhz Tampa Clearance
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